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Published in 1898, this is the Sixth Edition of John Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas, revised and corrected. The Fifth Edition having been substantially enlarged and re-written, this version presents a clear view of the World close to the height of the British Empire.

This copy is in excellent condition for its age, the Plates are bright and clear, the only small problem is staining from the glue used at each page fold. The quality of the printing and binding suggest it must have been an expensive book yet the cover is devoid of embossing, or even a title. Published in the same year as the first edition of the his superb Citizen's Atlas, a huge and even more jingoistic work, it beautifully captures the spirit of the era.

Navigation of this version is designed to be intuitive, but explicit instructions, supplemental pages and the licence agreement you have accepted can be found via the site map. These pages have standard links. Links in pages of the book become highlighted in Yellow, as you hover over them, in order not to detract from the material.

You can start at page 1 and read through the entire volume in the original sequence. Click on the edge of any page to go backwards or forwards. You can use the contents page to jump to one of four lists, linked to individual pages, to view the page you want or to start at the beginning of any section. The index is not linked to the Maps but you can use it, as you would with the book, to find the place you seek.

I hope you enjoy using the atlas. Your comments, corrections, criticism or praise are equally welcome and will all receive an appropriate reply. Other resources for exploring the past can be found at:-


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