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Alphabetical list of Countries,

indicating the Plates in the Atlas on which they are shown.

Aberdeen, Environs of14aEngland & Wales, North11Ontario54
Abyssinia45    ditto - South12Orange Free State48
Adelaide, Environs of73a    ditto - Central13Ottawa, Environs of54
Afghanistan32    ditto - Central18Palestine33
Africa, Exploration of44c    ditto - Routes of Travel8aPanama65a
    ditto - Northern46Falkland Islands67Paris, Environs of20a
    ditto - Equatorial47Farther India41Patagonia67
    ditto - South48Fiji Islands68aPekin, Environs of42a
Albany, Environs of74aFinland29Penang40a
Alberta55France20Perim Island32a
Algeria46aFrench Guiana66Persia32
America, North50Perth, Environs of74a
    ditto - Central63German Empire22Peru65
    ditto - South64Germany, Central22bPhiladelphia59a
    ditto - South Section I65German East Africa47Philippine Islands69
    ditto - South Section II66Gibraltar24aPlymouth, Environs of12a
    ditto - South Section III67Glasgow, Environs of15aPopulation, Density Map5a
Amsterdam, Environs of19aGold Coast46Portugal24
Angola47Graham Land7aPrince Edward Island52
Annam41Greece26Puerto Rica63
Arabia32Greenland, North6aPunjab39
Argentine Republic67Guatemala63
Asia31    ditto - and Environs52a
Asia, Central34Haidarabad37Queensland75
Asia Minor31aHaiti63
Assam38Halifax51aRainfall Map2a
Assiniboia55Hamburg, Environs of22aRajputana39
Astronomical Geography1Hawaii68aRhine, The22c
    ditto - continued1aHerzegovina27Rhodesia47a
Athabasca55Holland19Rio Janeiro, Environs of66a
Athens, Environs of26aHonduras63Riviera21
Atlantic Ocean, North49Hong Kong43aRome, Environs of25a
Australia70Hungary27Rotterdam, Environs of19a
    ditto - Exploration Map70aRoumania26
    ditto - Rainfall Map70aIceland8Roumelia, Eastern26
Austria-Hungary27India, Route Chart to35aRoutes to Continent10a
Azores49a    ditto - Central36Russia in Europe29
Indian Empire35    ditto - in Asia31
Balkan Peninsula26    ditto - Ocean40a    ditto - in Asia continued34
Bathy-Orographical Map2Inverness, Environs of15c
Baluchistan32Ireland, N. Section16Sahara, The46
Bechuanaland48    ditto - S. Section17St. John (N.B.), Envs. of51a
Belfast, Environs of16aItaly25St. Louis61
Belgium19St. Petersburg, Envs. of29a
Bengal Presidency38Jamaica63aSandwich Isles or Hawaii68a
Berar36Japan44San Domingo63
Berlin, Environs of22a    ditto - Central44aSan Francisco, Envs. of58a
Bermudas63aJava69San Salavador63
Birmingham, Environs of13aJerusalem Environs33aSaskatchewan55
Black Sea30Johannesburg Environs48aScotland, N. Section14
Bokhara34    ditto - S. Section15
Bolivia65Karachi, Environs of39a    ditto - Central15b
Bombay Presidency36Kewatin55Servia26
Bombay, Environs of36aKhiva34Shanghai, Environs of42a
Borneo69aKillarney, Environs of17aSiam41
Boston, Environs of56aLiberia46Sindh39
Brazil67Liverpool, Environs of11aSmyrna30a
Brisbane and Environs75aLondon and Environs13bSocotra32a
British Colombia55    ditto - Central13cSokoto46
British Empire4Luxemburg19Soudan46
British Guiana64aSouth African Republic48
British Honduras63Madagascar45Southampton, Envs. of12a
British Isles - Mountains9aMadeira49aSouth Australia73
British Isles - Railways10Madras Presidency37South Polar Regions7
British Isles & North Sea9    ditto - Environs of37aSpain24
British East Africa47Madrid, Environs of24aSpitzbergen6a
British North Borneo69aMalacca40aStockholm, Environs of28c
British South Africa47aMalay Peninsular41aStraits Settlements41
Buda-Pest, Environs of27aMalta, Gozo, & Valetta18aSumatra28
Buenos Ayres, Envs. of67aManchester, Environs of11aSweden28
Burma41Manitoba55a    ditto - Central23a
Mauritius40aSydney and Harbour72a
Calcutta, Environs of38aMediterranean Sea18
Cambodia41Melbourne & Port Phillip71aTasmania76
Cameroons46Mentone, Environs of21aTehuantepec65a
Canada, Dominion of51Mexico62Tibet42
Canada, Land Surface Features50a    ditto - Environs of62aTime Chart4a
Canada, W. Provinces53Monaco21aTokio44
Canton River43aMontenegro26Toronto54a
Cape Colony48Montreal53aTravancore37
Cape Town, Environs of48aMorocco46aTrinidad64a
Central Provinces38Moscow, Environs of29aTripoli46
Charleston, Environs of61Mysore3Turkey in Europe26
Chili67    ditto - in Asia32
China43Naples, Environs of25aTurkistan, Eastern42
Chinese Empire42Natal48
Climate Map3New Brunswick52United States, E. Div57
Colombia65Newcastle, Environs of13a    ditto - W. Div58
Commercial Chart5Newfoundland52    ditto - Railways56
Congo Free State47New Guinea69    ditto - East & Mid States59
Constantinople, Envs. of26aNew Orleans, Envs. of61    ditto - South States60
Coorg37New South Wales72Uruguay67
Copenhagen, Environs of28aNew York, Environs of56a
Corea44New Zealand76Valparaiso, Environs of67a
Cork, Environs of17aNiagara Falls54aVenezuela65
Costa Rica63Nicaragua63Victoria71
Cuba63Nicaragua Canal62aVictoria Land7a
Nice21aVienna, Environs of27a
Dahomey46Niger Districts46
Dardanelles30aNormandy21Wales, N. Section11
Denmark28aNorth Polar Regions6    ditto - S. Section12
Dominica63North-West Frontier India34aWashington, Environs of59a
Dublin, Environs of16aNorth-Western Provinces38Wellington, Environs of76a
Dunedin, Environs of76aNorth -West Territories55Western Australia74
Dutch Guiana66Norway28West Indies63
Norway - Fiords28bWinds, Prevailing3a
East Indian Archipelago69Nova Scotia52Winnipeg55a
Edinburgh, Environs of15aOban, Environs of15cYosemite Valley58a
Egypt, Lower45aOcean Currents3Zanzibar47
    ditto - Upper44cOceania68Zululand48


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