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Cookie Policy

I use a feature of your internet browser called a ‘cookie’ on this website. These cookies do not collect personal information about you from your computer. I will only gain such information if you knowingly and willingly provide it. Any such information is treated in the strictest confidence and will never be disclosed to any third party - see the Help page.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a very small piece of information in the form of a text file placed on your computer hard drive by many of the websites that you visit. Cookies allow me to count how many visitors I have, where (approximately) they come from, which pages they view and how they found the site.

For further information about cookies please visit

What cookies do I use?
In common with over half of the world's websites I use Google Analytics to understand the visitors to this site. To make this work, four cookies are used to collect the information described above. These are third party cookies and my understanding is that the information they collect about my site is not shared within Google or used for their targeted advertising.

You can view Google's privacy policy here

The only other cookie holds the contents of your shopping cart until you have completed checkout. It does not collect any other information. This is a first party cookie and without it you cannot use the shopping cart. It only appears if you put something in the cart and disappears once you have left the site.

Managing cookies
You can set your web browser to accept or reject cookies. You can also set your browser to alert you each time a cookie is presented to your computer. You can delete cookies that have been stored on your computer.

Disabling all cookies will not hinder looking at any of this site but will prevent you from buying anything. Disabling only third party cookies will still allow you to shop.

Why am I telling you this?
The EU e-Privacy (cookie) Directive obliges me to ensure that you understand what cookies are and how the ones I use might affect you. Unless I give you "clear and comprehensive information" I would not have your consent to use them unless I specifically obtained your permission in an annoying pop-up banner.

The first person cookie that runs the cart does not appear to need your consent because it is "strictly necessary", but it is not clear whether or not everyone needs to opt-in to Google Analytics.


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