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Known Issues with Philips' Handy-Volume Atlas of the County of London

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Street Index.

Averton Road, Finchley, N3 - in the original index and on the map - is actually Aveton Road, N2. I only know this because my mother grew up there. It may be a deliberate mistake by the publisher to help prevent copyright problems. Or it could be because that was the way it was pronounced. (Not amended)

Gressida Road, Islington, N19 - in the original index and on the map - continues round a bend to Cresside Road - in the original index but Cressida on the map - they should both be Cressida. (Gressida left in index, Cresside amended)

Haarem Road, Hammersmith, W14 - in the original index - shown on the map as HAARM. Should be Haarlem (Amended)

Harrogate Road, Hackney, E9 - in the original index and on the map - is also known as Harrowgate Road. (Added to index) (Thanks to Lou)

Ken Wood, St. Pancras, NW5 - in the original index - is Kenwood, Hampstead, N6, where I have spent many happy evenings at the Summer concerts. (Added to index)

Morielix Road, Leyton, E10 - in the original index and on the map - should be Morieux Road. (Index amended)

Old Dover Road (part), Woolwich - Watling Street - the original index does not give the Postal District, SE9. (Added to index)

Richmond Terrace, Lambeth, SW8 - in the original index - the North side of one Road.
Osbourne Terrace, Lambeth, SW8 - in the original index - the South side of the same Road.
Shown on the map as Richmond & Osbourne Terrace. Later renamed Richbourne Terrace.

Steeondale Street, Poplar, E6 - in the original index and on the map - should be Stebondale Street. (Added to index)

The ones listed above are included on the CD.

If you find any more please let me know and I will list them below so that we can all benefit.

Altenberg Gardens, Battersea, SW11 - in the original index and on the map - should be Altenburg Gardens (Not amended)

Bovay Place and Bovay Street, N7 - in between Tollington Road and Enkel Road are drawn, but not named, on the Map. Nor are they listed in the index. (Thanks to Brian)

Maydwell Street and Millais Street, SE5 - in between Albany Road and Boundary Lane are drawn, but not named, on the Map. Nor are they listed in the index. (Thanks to Mike)

Sonning Street, Islington, N7 - shown on the Map as just Sonning. Listed wrongly in the index as Sonning Road. (Not amended) (Thanks to Steve)

Wyneli Street, Lewisham, SE23 - in the original index, is shown on the map correctly as Wynell Street. (Index not amended)

If you cannot find the place you want, it may have changed name. I have compiled a list of the street name changes made after this map was published and up to about 1940.


Date of Publication.

This is the ninth edition of Philips' Handy-Volume Atlas of the County of London, but the date of publication is not given.

I now have a copy of the eighth edition, which covers a slightly smaller area and does not use the Postal District numbers introduced in 1917. The Tube map and station names are updated to at least 1918 so I suspect the eighth was a stop-gap, after WW1, until the completely revised ninth edition.

The absence on the map of something changed or built in a known year does not, in my opinion, give definitive help. The presence of something is better but, if a plan has been made public, the publisher may have included it to make the map appear more current.

Based on what I can see and what I know, my guess is 1921 to 1923 - but it could be slightly later. The 5 maps of the Theatres, City, Clubs etc., have been designed to be easily updated and are overprinted with amendments up to but no later than 1929.

This edition includes the Postal "Sub Districts" introduced in 1917 but not the amalgamation of the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead Railway with the City & South London Railway, which took place in 1921.
Nor does it include the change of name, in 1921, of the Licensed Victuallers' Asylum to the Licensed Victuallers' Benevolent Institution. (What's in a name?)
It does show the RAF Memorial in Westminster. The site for this was not agreed until 1921 and it was unveiled in July 1923.
It does not show the change of name of the West Ham Union Infirmary to Whipps Cross Hospital in about 1920.
It does not show some Suburban developments known to have been built before WW1. For example Dicey Avenue, Willesden, NW2 is shown only as a dotted line. The rest of the estate, which adjoins Gladstone Park, is not shown at all. (Thanks to Ruth)

I know many people have worked hard to piece together the exact history of London's Railway and Tube lines and Stations. The input of anyone with specialist knowledge that can help with the dating is welcome.



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