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Good Things Made Said and Done  —  £ 3.99
For Every Home and Household                    

Go to the eBook Shop Do you want Victorian Recipes or need advice on how to run your home or a cure for your ills? If so, this book has the answers.

Pocket sized, and only 104 pages long it packs in at least 1 recipe and 4 homilies on almost every page. There are also advertisements for Fennings' Powders, (contains no Opium) headlined DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD DIE! Beecham's Pills, 'worth a Guinea a Box' and Freeman's 'Syrup of Phosphorus' which, apparently, cured Consumption, Depression and Constipation, amongst other ailments. Published in 1886 by Goodall, Backhouse & Co., of Leeds, it is one long plug for their Yorkshire Relish (six million bottles sold annually). Having read this book, if it were still available, I would buy some immediately.

This eBook version contains an exact copy of every page. Please see the extract below, for the first few recipes and the index.

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  2 files, mobi for some older Kindles and epub for all other eReaders


Much of the joy of this little book is in its layout and the 400 obscure, relevant or downright peculiar sayings printed on each side of the page. Turning it into text would destroy the effect so I have reproduced each page as a separate image. The index is recreated so that it can be used to jump to any recipe or cure. On a Kindle it displays almost exactly life-sized. Some of the print is quite small, but I can read it on all my eReaders.

Please be aware that images are large files. This book needs as much space on your reader as 10 or 15 text-only books and each page takes slightly longer to load.

Most books of this age smell what my wife would describe as 'frousty'. During the scanning process this one got quite warm and started giving off the aroma of a Roast Beef Dinner!

Lastly, by the most amazing coincidence, the long-lost recipe for Yorkshire Relish was found during the demolition of the factory in Leeds and was auctioned the very week I built this page. It had been carefully hidden along with papers relating to the first ever high court case about trademarks and brand names. The company eventually won the exclusive right to the name 'Yorkshire Relish'.


Whilst these images are identical to the eBook,
depending on the viewing options that you have selected,
they may not display here exactly as they will on your eReader.



Appetite, Want of
Apple Pudding
Apple Sauce
Baking Powder
Batter Pudding
Beef and Potato Pie
Beef, Roast
Beef Soup
Beef Steak Pie
Bermuda Pudding
Beverages for Summer and Winter
Biscuits, Cakes and Bread
Bread-and-Butter Pudding
Bread, Biscuits and Cakes
Blancmange Pudding
Blancmanges, Custards and,
Bread, Household
Bread Sauce
Bream Pie
Brown Sauce
Brunswick Black
Butter, Melted
Calf's Foot Jelly
Cakes, Sweet
Cakes, Ginger
Cakes, Ground Rice
Cakes, Tea
Cakes, Yorkshire
Cheese and Onions, Stewed
Cheese, Eggs and
Christmas Pudding
Cold in the Head
Cold Meats
Crab, Mock
Currant Buns
Custard Cakes
Custard Powder
Custards and Blancmanges
Debility, General
Eggs and Cheese
Eggs, Boiled
Eggs, Buttered
Fish Cakes
Fowl, Boiled
Game and Poultry
Giblet Pie
Ginger Cakes
Goose, Roast
Gooseberry Fool
Gout and Rheumatism
Ground Rice Cakes
Hare, Jugged
Health and Home Remedies
Jam Tart, open
Lamb, Roast Fore-Quarter
Lobster, Scalloped
Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni Pudding
Mackerel, Broiled
Meats, Hot and Cold
Mushrooms, Stewed
Mutton, Boiled Leg of
Mutton Broth
Mutton Chops
Mutton, Haricot
Mutton, Hashed
Mutton, Mayonnaise of
Normandy Pippins
Oatmeal Pudding
Omelet, Savoury
Oxtail Soup
Oysters, Stewed
Paste, Puff
Pastry, Puddings, etc.
Pears, Baked
Plum Cake, Rich
Pork, Roast Loin of
Potatoes, Boiled
Poultry and Game
Puddings and Pastry
Quinine Wine
Rabbit Soup
Rheumatism and Gout
Rhubarb Pie
Rump Steaks, Broiled
Sage and Onion Stuffing
Salads, Vegetables, etc.
Sauces and Gravies
Skate, Fricasseed
Soles, Fried
Suet Crust for Pies
Suet Pudding
Sweet Cakes
Tapioca Pudding
Tea Cakes
Tinned Meats, eaten cold
Tipsy Cake, Sultana
Tomatoes, Baked
Turkey, Roast
Veal, Roast Loin of,
Veal Stuffing
Vegetables and Salads
Want of Appetite
Welsh Rabbits
White Sauce
Whiting, Boiled
Yorkshire Cakes
Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire Relish


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