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The Nicest Girl in the School

The Nicest Girl in the School - Cover Published in 1909 this is the best-selling of almost 50 books that Angela Brazil wrote for girls, about girls. Be they 'the nicest', 'the luckiest', 'the jolliest', 'the youngest' or most 'madcap' or 'patriotic' in the School.

It is all too easy to parody this type of fiction but she literally 'wrote the book' on the genre. As a reaction against the more usual educational, self-improving and morals-shoved-down-your-throat books for children she produced stories to be read for pure pleasure. Her ideas influenced many children's authors and can be seen reaching as far as a certain boy wizard.

This version contains the entire text and all 5 illustrations. It is available free so that you can judge the quality of my eBooks – and you might even enjoy it!

To download a free version for your eBook reader click here.


There is an astonishing amount of 'casual racism' in many books of this period. I am trying to reproduce exact copies of old books, not air-brush history, so I do not usually edit anything. However, I have changed one word in one of the 'comic' verses in this book.


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