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Reasons why you might not receive the email with download links

First, please look in your Spam or Junk folder, it might be in there. If you did not receive my email and would like me to send you a copy, please ask me by email using a different address from the one you gave to PayPal. If you use the same address, my reply may also fail to reach you.

This does not happen very often, but when the automatically generated email containing the download links fails to be delivered, I get told about it. My system, or the system of your email provider, sends me an email headlined 'Mail Delivery Failure'. Sometimes this is a 'Fatal Error', sometimes 'Delivery will be attempted again' or some other worrying phrase. All these notifications are full of incomprehensible 'error codes'.

I always try to decypher these codes. Some mean that the email address no longer exists, some that the server is too busy at the moment and the email is in a queue for later delivery.

The most mysterious failures have been with US email providers. AOL have refused to deliver my emails "because you (where 'you' refers to me Bruce, in England) are sending it from a country on our unsafe list". Microsoft owned email domains, such as hotmail, me.co.uk or live.co.uk, are sometimes refused because "your (where 'your' refers to my ISP) IP address is known to send spam". No it doesn't. Krystal.uk host this site, all their offices and servers are in the UK and they are lovely people.

If you did not receive my email and also did not receive one from PayPal (although they are sometimes a bit slow arriving) it might well be that PayPal do not have your current email address. Alternatively, it might be that your inbox is full, in which case, you will not be receiving any emails at all and your system should already be nagging you about it. Only you can fix these types of problems.

If you did not receive my email, but did receive the one from PayPal and your email provider is based in the US, I will try and contact you using a gmail address, because that is also based in the US. If I cannot, the only way I can contact you is to ring you on the telephone number that you gave to PayPal.


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