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I can be reached at the following email address:

The address cannot be highlighted, copied and pasted.
This format is used so that it cannot easily be harvested for junk mail purposes.
Despite this, spam is a perennial problem.

So please make the 'Subject' of the email one that will make me want to open it.
For example, the name of the street you are trying to find.
Do not put 'help me', 'open this' or 'important message' etc.

If you are asking about a London street, tell me the type of document you found it mentioned in (census, birth certificate etc.) and - most importantly - its date.
Before you ask, please read paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 on this page and look at both the lists to check that your question has not already been answered.

I aim to reply within 24 hours,
or you can write to me at:-


I do not buy books or maps. If you want to know how much your Book/Map/Atlas is worth, look at sites like, eBay etc., where there are many realistic and some ludicrously over-priced examples. Unless what you have is very rare or in outstanding condition the best way to sell such items is on eBay. On a bad day it will sell for 99p, on a good day, who knows?


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