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Published in 1929 (Price two shillings), this Pocket Atlas and Guide is a version of John Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas of London & Suburbs reduced in both size and scale. The 1930 (sixth) edition of the larger work contained 80 plates, covering the whole of London at Street level, with an index of 22,000 places at a cost of six shillings.

The Pocket version covers central London at Street level, with an index of about 4,000 places plus overview maps of most of the rest of the County of London. The Guide and Gazetteer contains information, maps and plans for visitors to London and environs with a list of about 2,000 places of interest.

Navigation of this electronic version is designed to be intuitive. Reach any page by clicking the name on the Contents page, where links become highlighted in Yellow as you hover over them. Move forwards or backwards anywhere in the book by clicking on the right or left hand edge of the scanned image. Reach any of the maps from the Key Map diagram by clicking on the name.

I always try to keep the "look" of the original, but unlike my CD this Street Index is not individually linked to the relevant map. However, you can jump to the right place by clicking on the relevant page number at the top of each scanned image.


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