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Spittle Fields
Whereall the Knick Knacks of
Are exposed to open sale, for all that will
see for their Love, and to buy for their Money.


First Mr. WILLIAM LILLEY presents you with his pack, wherein he hath to sell.

1. The Introduction,
2. Nativities Calculated,
3. The great Ephimeredies,
4. Monarchy, or no Monarchy
5. The Caracture of K. Charles,
6. Annus Tenebrosus.

Second, NICHOLAS CULPEPER brings under his Velvet Jacket.

1. His Chalinges against the Doctors of Phuisick,
2. A Pocket Medicine,
3. An Almanack, & Conjuring Circle.

Third Mr. Bowker unlocked his Pack, wherein is,

1. The 12 signes of the Zodiack
2. The 12 Houses
3. The 7 Planets
4. The yeares predictions and the Starry Globe

Written by J. B. Gent. And Printed by J. C. In the Yeare 1652

The Prologue

In greener Studies, much have I admir'd
The Muses rare inventions; and desir'd
For recreation as't; to play upon
The flwory branches of sugred Helicon
And vent'ring first to tread the fatall stage
Of LOVE, had fancy for my Equipage
Where having traverst, with but small successe
The boundless bounds, of that vast wildernesse
I found my flagging winges, would soone betray
My judgment to a Nonplus: Since the prey
I aimed at; soared above my reach, and then
Resolv'd to cease, I layed aside my penne:
Which for som years repose her drowsie head
In sylence lap; until awakened
By frinds intreaties, who would needs goe try
To raise her, from this slumbring Mallady
Urg'd by perswasions and disturb'd from rest;
Snddenly rous'd, obsequiously adrest
Her Morning Wings, to slit the ayre, and soare
A higher pitch, then shee had don before
And in even Numbers, then with equall care
She writ this New-found Astrologicke faire:
To shew, the hairbrain'd World how mad they be
In courting, this Ambiguous foolery.

in Spittle Fields, where the Astrologers
Knavery is exposed to the view, and their Trinkets to
all that will see for their Love and buy for
their Money.

Upou a time, whose date hath unaware
Slip't my remembrance; the Astrologers,
Began to prate, as if the world should see
Some sudden change, or great Catastrophy.
Each Libel spoke a great Eclips to come,
The Scourge of Europe, and the fall of Rome;
The amazement of spectators, great affright,
Terrour of Mortals and a day like night.
Yea, some presum'd to say the Eclips would be
So wonderful as that obscurity
Which spread earth's superficies, and befell,
At the Jews slaughtering of Emanuel.
These and the like things being published
Abroad in Pamphlets, many minds were led
To strang conceits, thinking each day a year,
Till the long-look'd for Munday should appear.
But he that makes the drooping spirits glad,
That srasterats Tokens, makes Diviners mad,
Whose mighty wisdom ruleth all things made
The Sun shine glorious, no Cimmerian shade
Made dark our dwellings; their predictions fail'd;
Their Tales prov'd fables, and the People rail'd
Against these Jugglers, whose prevarications
Had filld their minds with such vain expectations:
Th' Astrologers, perceiving it would try,
In one poore day to vent their Foolery.
Wherefore resolve to constitute a Faire,
In Spittle-Fields, exposing each mans ware
To publick view; and 'ere a full decay,
Having once sould their Trinkets, post away.
The timebeing now at hand, that hasty Sun
Which lately scorched their credit had begun,
His daily course; when loe, a Cryer stands
Uttering with lowd voice, and erected hands
(Indeed his hands were lifted up on High,
Because the matter much concern'd the Skie.)

O-yes, will will any buy,
The knick-knacks of Astrology.
Quirks and Quillets, such like things
Rare inventions, waxen wings,
To soar above let them repair
And purchase what they want in Spittle Fair.

No sooner had he thus divulg'd this Note,
Through the wide cranney of his hollow throat,
But every Pedler furnished his Stall,
With prity whimsies to be sold; though all,
Demurr'd a while, and fix'd heir eyes upon,
Their Captain General, who thus begun;
            Good People,
Stand not amazed at this unusual Fair,
'Tis our Preservative against Dispair.
And which must secure us by and by
From the swift vengeance of a Hue and Cry.
      Come then before the lowest of my fall,
And buy these writings Astrologicall.
Loe her's an Introduction, 'tis as rare,
A peece as ever breathe'd Celestial Aire.
By it are Questions of all sizes stated
By it Nativities are Calculated.
The Delphick God ne're did such tricks as these.
It is the worlds great Ephimerides
      Also, I have a Libel that wil show
Whether we shall have Monarchy or no.
And at the end whereof there is prefixt
Rats, Dragons, Lions with a thousand tricks.
To please mens fancy, news of peace and strife
Besides King Charles his Character and life.
He'ss Anus Teneborus; buy it will yee
'Tis a rare piece Compos'd by Mr. Lillie.
There and some more I have, yet none will buy
The famous Gew-gawes of Astrollogy.                   Exit

     Next to him entr'd one whose active shape,
Had some assimulation with an Ape.
On whom a Doctur ( pleas'd with what he Spoke )
In curtesie, bestow'd a velvet Cloke,
Which being metamorphest to a Jacket
Under the thread-bare skirrs he bought a Pacquet,
With Medicables fraught; though some deny
To couple Phuisick with Astrollogy.
This man indee's the Viccar of St. Fools,
Yet contradicts Phisitions and the Schoolls,
And with a handful of conceited knowledge.
Dare challenge all the Doctors in the Colledge.
Absurdly and presumptuously of late
Usurp'd the Pulpit, when intoxicate.
And now as Master of the Fair-place; this,
His worship utter'd with an Emphasis,
What lack ye Gentlemen, come buy this Spell
Twill fetch grand Pluto from the nether Hell.
Buy this Conjuring Circle which of late
Preserv'd th' Exorcist, Tapers consecrate
With Garments wash'd: bid money though but little,
For night com on, and we must leave the Spittle.
Oh, fie upon't how these dull markets plague us,
Happy were I to speak with Simon Magus.
How well my Portage, would fit him to carry,
And our brave Books repleate his Library?
      Ther's much more in my Pack which He not ope,
Since my condition is so void of hope.
Her's my last work, Catastrophe Magnatum,
And her's Receits sealed with Probatum.
Her's a Fools Cap lin'd with a Knavish brain,
And Cripsies Riddles, but 'tis all in vain.
Wherefore I an resolv'd to smoke my Nose,
Then straight way to the Fuddling-School he goes.
Where you may finde him sucking when he list,
The fuming Pipe, or play the Organist.
      These two were chief, but yet another came,
Of great esteem, whom I forebear to name,
A man well known, whose face would fright a Rasor.
He much resembled stern-lookt Abbumasar.
Crowding into the middest of the throng
Cries out, who is it that hath done us wrong.
Unluckey starrs, that would not let us know,
The neere approach of our sad overthrow.
But in revenge thereof I meane to sell,
The twelve fair Houses where the Plannets dwell.
I'le sell the whole reversion of my pack.
Who buyes these twelve Signes of the Zodiak.
Besides each years Pridictive Almanack.
My treasure far exceeds the Golden Feece,
And her's good Fortunes sould for pence a peece.
Nay more! I have the starry Globe! See heere.
Will this not tempt you; a Celestiall Spheare,
Me-thinks 'tis strange the spangles of the Sky,
Are to be sould, and yet ther's none will buy:
      This said: as all the rest had done before,
He trust his Pack, put up, and was seen no more.
Within the Fair-place, though to tell you plain,
The man I think, lives now in Creed-church Lane:
      Those were the Grandees, but a number more,
(Whom I forbeare to mention) brought their store,
To this great Fair, and every man was glad,
To sell those simple whimsies which he had.
But none would buy, wherefore they left the faire
While peoples shouts, might seem to rent the aire.

This the Worlds great Moon Calfe Di'd
Being in the hight of pride.



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