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This document is as short and as clear as I can make it. I apologise if you have to read some sentences more than once in different places but I am legally obliged to provide much of this information and there are other things I would like you to know. My objective is always to make everything as easy to use, by as many people as is possible, with as many combinations of software and hardware as is possible. I use as few bells and whistles as is practical and avoid anything that annoys me when used by others. If something doesn't work for you, please tell me. The help pages have a solution for every problem reported and many that haven't.

This website is my exclusive property. All content included (with the exception of registered trademarks), such as text, graphics and images, is my property, and is separately and in aggregate protected by U.K. and international copyright laws; even if any such material was originally obtained by me from out-of-copyright works. Permission to include any content where the copyright is held by others has been obtained or sought.

As well as technology, this site and legislation evolve continuously, these Terms & Conditions may change without notice as necessary, to protect both our interests.


You – "the buyer"

      will pay me the price agreed.
      will abide by the licence agreement.

I – "the seller"

      will send you an email confirming your order.
      will send you a link to download what you have ordered and it will work.
      will replace it in the very unlikely event that it does not.
      will not use your details for marketing purposes or to send spurious 'service' announcements.
      will not pass your details to any third party.

I want you to enjoy your purchase and I have designed the process of obtaining it to be easy and stress-free for both of us.

If you are delighted, please tell everyone you meet, but if you are unhappy, please tell me and I will try to put it right. Contact details, including my address, are given here.

I check my emails regularly and usually reply to questions, queries and problems on the same day during UK business hours, if not then within 24 hours, even when on holiday, but there may occasionally be times when I cannot. If you need to contact me during these periods, I ask your forbearance.

A short warning

All the maps and books on this site are only available from this site. Some of my eBooks have an ISBN number, because I want them to be available in the future from the British Library. Anyone can legally harvest these numbers, set up a website and then pretend to sell or give away any book. If you download files from these sites your computer or your money may be at risk.

Terms & Conditions for purchases

You cannot 'Checkout' without ticking the box to confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms & Conditions and thereby also agree to abide by the Licence.

Use of the shopping cart on this site implies that you have agreed to accept the cookie that enables it to work. This cookie disappears once you have completed checkout.

Any transaction between us is subject exclusively to the laws of England and Wales and UK ratified EU regulations. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions will contradict or limit your rights under such laws and regulations. Wherever you live, any transaction between us is specifically covered by the Consumer Contracts Regulations (CCR) - the successor to the Distance Selling Regulations (DSR).

These products are only available via this website and are for your own personal enjoyment and research, not, under any circumstances, for lending, reproduction or commercial use, unless you seek and receive my written permission.

I do not host advertisements or links to other companies, nor will I collect personal information about visitors to this site. I may mention software or companies that I have found useful in creating or running this site but I am not paid, nor have I sought payment, for this.

I will record your details, as passed to me by PayPal, only for the purpose of fulfilling your order. I will not pass this information to any third party.

The only circumstances under which I might contact you in the future are to offer you a free patch/upgrade, should one become necessary/available, or if I think you are having problems with the download.

All products are only available by download: After successfully completing checkout you will automatically be redirected to a page on this site containing your unique download links. PayPal will send you an automatic email receipt and I will send you an automatic email confirmation, both to the email address you used at PayPal. My email will also contain the links to download each product you purchased. All links are valid for 24 hours and will not work after expiry. If you are unable to download the files within this time please contact me giving a legitimate and believable reason and I may create and send you new links.

Electronic (as opposed to printed) versions of books and maps are classified as 'electronically supplied services' rather than 'goods' by UK tax laws (HMRC Reference: Notice 741) and may be subject to VAT, but not export or import duties. 'Electronically supplied services' include services which are delivered over the Internet or an electronic network and the nature of which renders their supply essentially automated and involving minimal human intervention, and impossible to ensure in the absence of information technology. They include the supply of images, text and information by accessing or downloading photographic or pictorial images or the digitised content of books and other electronic publications.

So please note:- I am not registered for UK VAT and my turnover also falls below the lowest EU threshold for every EU member state, therefore no tax has been paid by either of us on such transactions. If you are a UK or EU resident this does not affect you. If you are resident outside of the EU, any import duties or other charges imposed by the authorities where you live are not included in the price you have paid and are your responsibility.

The CCR classifies electronic books and maps as 'software', which is licenced to you for your lifetime by contract, not sold. Your right to cancel is defined in these regulations. The convoluted logic of this legislation means that by agreeing to an instant download, you waive your right to the 14-day cooling-off period given to other types of contract. Therefore, products delivered by digital download cannot be cancelled once the download has begun.

In common with other software suppliers, I monitor when my products are downloaded and keep this record for at least 14 days, in case of dispute or piracy. The record from each unique download link also includes what type of device is used, its IP address and approximate location, along with the version of the operating system and internet browser. None of this information is shared with any third party.

The maps work with current versions of Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Ubuntu and I have comprehensively tested them with the five most commonly used browsers. If you have another operating system, or use an obscure browser, please look carefully at the example pages on this site before you order to see how they work for you, in case you need to move a bit more mainstream. They are not designed for use with tablets or an iPad.

The eBooks are built for use with a portable eBook reader. You can download one of the free books to see how it looks on your reader. I have not found any reader that cannot use one or other of the two file formats. They are not designed for use on a mobile phone or a cheap media tablet. They work, but only a dedicated eBook reader will display them properly.

Having had to say all that I hope you enjoy your purchase. Comments, corrections, criticism or praise are equally welcome and will all receive an appropriate reply.

This page last updated 15/11/2020


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