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A site for people who love maps, books, London & history
Visit the past to see how and where your ancestors lived

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London Miscellany

Information and viewable books about London's history together with various free street maps. The two most popular sections are Bacon's Map & Guide to Epping Forest from 1910 and London Street Name Changes.


Downloadable eBooks for your Kindle* or any other eBook reader.
Mostly about London, but with something for everyone.

Philips' Handy-Volume Atlas of the County of London

An award-winning London street map from 1922,
now available for instant download.
The whole of London in 1922 at a scale of 3 inches to the mile. With an index of 16,500 places, linked to the maps. Easy to use, see and search.

For further details click here.

Wyld's New Plan of London

A downloadable version of Wyld's famous street map from 1851,
with a newly-created 6,000 place index.
The whole of London in 1851 at a scale of 3 5/8 inches to the mile. With an index linked to the maps. Easy to use, see and search.

For further details click here.

High resolution scans

The best illustrations from the eBooks,
available separately, to print or view at home.
600 dpi, high resolution scans of sketches, illustrations and photographs from the eBooks, available for instant download.

Visit the print shop for full details.

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